Ready, Set, Reset!

You may have read or heard the story of how I lost 50 pounds in one year. In case you haven’t, here’s a recap:

I was already eating a vegan/gluten free diet and doing regular yoga, and I certainly won’t going to give up my champagne…so what’s a girl to do? for starts I decided to increase the number of my regular colonics to 1-2 times weekly. That right there helps to boost the metabolism and reduce water-weight and inflammation.

I had also begun to hear a lot of talk about the benefits of fasting. But how long can a person, with hypoglycemia and a tendency to hurt people when hungry, not eat for an extended period of time? Then I realized anyone can fast for 24 hours if you still get your daily energy AND don’t go to bed hungry. That’s when I started a green juice fast every Monday. I ate a meal on Sunday night and a meal on Monday night…the rest was juice. No cravings, no fainting, no hunger-driven homicide. Totally doable, right?

By practicing this regularly, I found that I wasn’t as hungry the rest of the week…therefore I ate less. It was so simple and easy and I steadily lost about 1 pound a week for an entire year.

Now, 50 pounds lighter, I still do a green juice fast and a colonic every Monday.


Because it is the best way to reset your body EVER!

Most of us play on the weekend. That means friends, food, and of course bubbles!:) We also tend to not be on our regular sleep schedules because we have to fit as much fun into the little time we have before the alarm goes off on Monday morning. All these things make for a fun time but they also mess up our rhythm, energy, digestion, and mental clarity.

And since most of us view Monday as the first day of our week, what better way to start it than with a little TLC for our bodies? Pump in those nutrients, pump out the shit, and feel lighter and more energized for the rest of the week! It’s true, it works.

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