The Benefits of Colonics

What ARE the benefits of colonics? This is the single most common question I get asked. And while I can never guarantee the results that people receive from colonics, there are some very common experiences as a result of getting colon hydrotherapy.

First of all, there’s a big difference between getting a colonic once (or even a hand-full of times) and getting them regularly. I always say that colonics are a lot like exercise. Every single time you work out you’re doing your body some good, even if it’s just once. But of course you see more results the more regularly you do it. And the same is true for colonics.

Also, everyone is different and has different issues. What this means is that people who are much more toxic, more constipated, or dealing with something serious like an autoimmune disease will take longer to clean out the system and get to what I call the “maintenance phase” of colonics.

Here are some of the lesser, more immediate benefits of colon hydrotherapy (these are things that people typically experience either right after or within a week of having a session):

– Better sleep
– Feeling lighter and cleaner
– Less bloating
– Mental clarity
– Glowing, clearer skin
– Hydration
– Weight loss
– More energy

These can be some of the benefits of getting colonics regularly:

– Cancer prevention
– Eradicates parasites
– Bacteria re-balancing
– Removal of heavy metals
– Removal of excess yeast (wiping out Candida)
– Better, more restful sleep
– Feeling lighter and cleaner
– Less bloating
– Mental clarity/Clearing out brain fog
– Clearer skin
– Hydration
– Weight loss
– More energy
– Blood sugar regulation
– Helps with depression
– Helps prevent illness (from the common cold to serious diseases)

Colonics may help heal:

– Leaky gut
– Arthritis and joint pain
– Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
– Other autoimmune diseases such as MS and Lyme’s
– All kinds of inflammation (not just in the gut)
– Eczema, shingles, and other skin disorders

The benefits I’ve listed here have not been proven or studied or approved by medical doctors or scientists. However, I have personally seen every single one of these in myself and my clients. I’ve had clients with a host of autoimmune diseases (and in a couple cases, cancer). But instead of getting traditional treatments, they instead reversed their condition by changing their diets and doing a heavy detox using colonics. The same is true for my clients who suffer from Eczema and so many other illnesses. I personally was healed of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, leaky gut, parasites, and food sensitivities all thanks to diet and 17 years of colonics. For me, this is what it’s taken it to be healthy…and it is MORE than worth it!

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