Everyone needs a support system. I don’t just mean your best friend. I mean a group of professionals who hold you together. Your friends, family, and partner may at times be included in this system, as will co-workers and lovers. Even strangers can be momentary spiritual guides. But trust me…when the shit goes down you don’t want amateurs. You need the pros.

I was reminded yesterday of how grateful I am for my support system which currently includes my business/life coach and my couples therapist. I have been feeling depressed and tired and therefore guilty about my perceived lack of accomplishments. My self worth is very much tied to doing. So if I don’t “do” anything for an entire day I feel as though I may as well have not been alive that day. It feels like a waste.

I was expressing this to my life coach when she asked me what was so important that I needed to get done. Being a business owner, my to-do list is not only extensive but it’s categorized, alphabetized, and color coded. It’s fucking nuts. I rambled off a few of the items on this list that I once again have failed to do, and then said to her “I can’t even get out of the house to go to Walgreens for Christ sake!”

This is when she said to me: “Marianne, what I just heard you say is that if you go to Walgreens today you deserve to live and your life has worth.”                                                                                                                                                              To which I replied: “Well when you say it like that it sounds crazy.”

Because it IS crazy!

For those of you suffering from adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, any autoimmune or mental health issue, or if you’re a caregiver, a parent, or someone who is just generally exhausted right now, I hope you will read this next part: We are all inherently worthy. Our worth is indestructible and can not be increased or decreased by anything we do in the physical plane.

Unfortunately so much of our culture and society puts such a huge emphasis on doing. So when we don’t or can’t “do” anything, we feel as though we have failed in some way. This is a lie. A lie our minds will tell us over and over. However, the more we continue to develop a deep awareness of ourselves and practice being rooted and grounded in that, the more we will recognize the difference between the lies and our true worthiness.

If you feel like staying in bed and doing nothing, do that!                                                                                                          

If you want to snuggle with your fur baby and watch Netflix all day, you should do that!          

If you need support but feel as though you don’t deserve it, get it anyway!
No one can tell you want you need or what you should do. You are worthy and deserving of everything. And sometimes we need our support system to remind us of this simple but valuable truth.

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