Myths about Colonics

Can the tube fly out spray water everywhere?
It can seem strange that the tube (or speculum) can stay inside your body even while pushing, but it’s true. But even if it were to come out during the colonic, here’s what would happen: nothing! Because of the Libbe system, we would just reinsert and keep going. The speculum would not “fly” out of your body, it would simply drop into the basin below you. The water flow running through the speculum is so slow that there is never any “spraying”. The water literally trickles out of the speculum.

Is it messy?
You are taking a massive poop for 40 minutes, but everything is contained within a small area. There is never any splashing or spilling. Your butt may have poop on it, but no more so than if you were having diarrhea while sitting on a toilet. And with a colonic, you get to rinse off with a sprayer afterwards…so it’s like a toilet and biday in one!

Can I accidentally take in too much water?
With the Libbe system, this is impossible. Your body would involuntarily start releasing water way before this ever happened. Also, the colon is like a balloon and capable of extreme expansion.

Is it difficult to insert the tube?
Inserting the speculum is about the same as sticking your pinky finger up there. It’s much easier than you think and is made even easier because of the slim, sleek design of the speculum.

Are colonics dangerous?
No. Colon hydrotherapy is the most gentle, safe, and effective way of removing fecal matter from the colon. What is dangerous, though, is letting all that toxic waste sit in your body. Has anyone ever died from a colonic? Never. But has anyone ever died from sepsis because of impacted feces? Yup.

Will I be running to the bathroom all day?
The great thing about a colonic using the Libbe is that you get everything out during the actual session. So don’t worry about having the runs afterwards, because chances are you won’t even have a bowel movement for another 24 hours or so.

Is getting a colonic embarrassing?
Nope! This is another reason why the Libbe system is awesome…because it allows complete privacy. You can even request to do the insertion in private if you want.

What are the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?
Many of my clients have reported increased energy, better digestion, better concentration and thought clarity, improved skin conditions, decrease in headaches and/or allergies, elevated mood, weight loss, increased sex drive, decreased water retention, bowel regularity, decreased joint pain, and better sleep quality.

Is it painful?
A colonic is not painful, but some cramping may occur. Cramping happens as a result of the colon contracting; it does this to eliminate waste from the body. My rule of thumb is: the bigger the cramp, the bigger the subsequent release is going to be. And don’t worry…the cramping passes and soon as the waste is released from your body.

Can I get a colonic while I’m on my period?
Absolutely. Some people even experience a reduction in swelling, water retention, and irritability after a colonic.

How often should I get a colonic?
Everyone and every body is different. Some people get colonics weekly, and some annually. How often you receive a colonic depends upon your personal health goals. Remember, though, colonics can not only positively effect the health of your colon, but your liver, kidneys, blood, skin, and even your mind.

Are colonics addicting?
No. Colon Hydrotherapy is non-addictive. Instead, colonics tone the colon and “re-train” it to eliminate normally. Colon Hydrotherapy does this by cleansing away any waste build-up or bad bacteria that prevents proper elimination.