Infusions are different things that can be added to the water during a colonic. Centuries ago, people were using enemas to flush herbs and teas through the bowel in order to prevent and cure certain diseases. This treatment can actually be quite effective and is able be done with every colonic. At TMI Colonics, we can provide these materials for you, or you can even bring your own. We are always happy to chat with you to help you decide what infusion is right for you. Try this method of cleansing to get the most out of your colonic.

Any of the following can be added to your colonic for $20:

-Energize – A combination of B vitamins and electrolytes to help combat dehydration, stress, depression, and low energy.

-Restore – Probiotics and Chlorophyll supply good bacteria and necessary vitamins and minerals to the body.

-Cleanse – Organic Coffee stimulates the liver and gallbladder to dump toxins into the colon which are then removed with water. This is a great liver cleanse and help with weight loss.

-Purge – Food grade H2O2 oxygenates the colon and therefore helps to kill and eliminate parasites and Candida from the bowel.


Please note: In order to receive any infusion, please consult your physician beforehand and obtain a prescription for the desired infusion. Infusions may not be given without explicit and written instructions from your doctor.