Our Story


I’m Marianne, the woman who knows her shit. And believe me, I do. People ask me all the time how I could do what I do…”Don’t you get grossed out?” And my answer is always the same: “I wouldn’t be doing this if I did!” The truth is I love talking about poop. I love what it reveals about the body. I love the digestive system and how it’s so intricately connected with everything else, and I love that the colon is really the “heart” of it all.

Even as a little girl, I remember following my mother into the bathroom and sitting at her feet (which I’m sure she was thrilled about), so curious about this whole process. Then when I was a bit older I did the same thing with my friends. It wasn’t until sometime during elementary school that I realized people are usually more private about their bathroom habits and it wasn’t always appropriate to be so open about it. (I still have this problem though…I get in trouble when I talk about work at the dinner table)

Then in junior high a seemingly unrelated event occurred. I was tested positive for the Epstein Barr virus and became extremely ill with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I couldn’t get out of bed, felt like crap, had zero energy, and hurt all over. At the time I thought I was being robbed of my adolescence. I had to give up everything that was fun and active because of this thing that I didn’t understand and didn’t know how to get rid of! But with the help of my parents, we started seeking treatments. That’s when I found colon hydrotherapy.

I remember at the time thinking how cool and interesting colonics were, but I couldn’t understand the connection between my colon and my disease. It seemed like the weirdest thing…getting my shit pumped out of me made my body hurt less? But I continued getting them because they made me feel better.

It wasn’t until later on that I started studying and understanding the connections in the body and why colonics helped me the way they did (and do). Colon Hydrotherapy completely changed my life, has increased the quality of my life, and has allowed me to do everything I thought I would never be able to. And that’s why I started TMI…to share this, and all that I’ve gained, with you. Because I truly believe that if people knew the power of colonics, everyone would get them!



_MG_6461I am Julianne Bice, the General Manager of TMI Colonics…and I too know my shit:)

I grew up in wine country about an hour north of San Francisco and was raised by parents who spent the majority of their time working to support five children. We all consumed the standard american diet and took antibiotics regularly.

In high school my periods were always irregular due to sports activities, but then it happened again in my early twenties. After graduating from Sonoma State and subsequently moving to San Francisco, I started missing periods again, gained 20 pounds, and developed a severe case of acne. It was then that I realized I had gotten so caught up with working and living in the city that I stopped paying attention to what was going on with my body and personal well-being.

Unfortunately, after seeking the help of a hormone specialist, I found out I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Off course I then immediately got on the Google search engine and started having panic attacks, reading that I may be infertile. My doctor also put me on a number of different medications, some I knew nothing about, and before I knew it an antidepressant and some other anti-anxiety medications as well.

It was not until I was almost 29 that I took control of my health and stopped taking all of those medications. I began cleansing, drastically changed my diet, and found colonics. After visiting a few studios around San Francisco, I found TMI and immediately settled in with their genuine approach to bettering my health. I did an initial series of colonics and several follow-up sessions before I started seeing results: I got my period, I began to lose weight, my skin was clearing up, and the anxiety faded away. I even started creating cleanses for friends, family, and coworkers after so many of them approached me, curious to know what I had changed and then asking for health advice. It had happened…I had fallen in love with colonics! I love what they do for people and I love that they yield actual results.

Getting certified to become a colon hydrotherapist was such an amazing experience. I certainly didn’t say when I was little, “when I grow up, I want to clean poopers!”, but knowing what colonics did for me and watching the change in my clients is the best reward ever.  I always tell my clients who say that getting a colonic is their last resort for relief and better health, that soon they will become their first resort!