-Single Colonic Session with Julianne Bice: $135

-Single Colonic Session with Marianne Graham: $165

-Single First Time Client Session: $195

(This 90 minute colonic session is for those who have never been to see us before. Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend newbies book the extra 30 minutes because it allows us enough time to talk about what your health goals are, why you’re coming to see us, and most importantly to make sure that you feel comfortable and taken care of. If you decide to purchase a package, the cost of your first appointment CAN be put towards that package for even more savings.)

-Series of 6 Colonics : $630 (save $180)

-Series of 12 Colonics : $1200 (save $420)

(A $30 surcharge will be required if you book an appointment with Marianne and are using a package)

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-Single Infusion : $20

-6 Infusions: $65 (save $55)

-12 Infusions: $125 (save $115)

Infusions are herbs or homeopathic remedies that can be added to your colonic to help you get the most out of your session. For more information about infusions, please visit this page:



-$495 (save $90)

Designed as a quick reboot cleanse or as an add-on to your existing cleanse program. Boost your metabolism, melt fat, and drop pounds FASTER. Includes 3 colonics, 3 liver flushing infusions, and 3 infrared sauna sessions.

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-$530 (save $103)

Get started with this simple, deep cleansing program! Designed for those new to colonics or if it’s just been a while. Includes 3 colonics, 3 infusions, 3 of our top products, and 1 Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

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-$795 (save $236)

Kill those pesky parasites! Please ask for details about this 3 week cleanse.

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-Single sauna session: $40

-Series of 6 saunas: $180 (save $60)

-Series of 12 saunas: $300 (save $180)

For more information about this service, please visit this page: Infrared Sauna Info

To book an infrared sauna session: CLICK HERE

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-Single footbath session: $50

-Series of 6 footbaths: $240 (save $60)

-Series of 12 footbaths: $420 (save $180)

For more info about this service, please visit this page: Ionic Foot Bath

To book a foot bath session: CLICK HERE

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-$10 each

We now carry green smoothies (vegan, organic, and gluten free) from Brigitte’s Naturally! They are bottled to maintain freshness. For more information visit her website:


We accept all forms of payment including all credit cards, check, and cash. Please make checks payable to TMI Colonics. Payment is required at time of service. All packages, series, and opened products can not be refunded or returned.