What our Clients are saying

“I never thought it would be so awesome to have a stranger shove something up your butt. Colonics increased my energy, helped me sleep better, and shed 20 pounds of who-know’s-what. They’re worth a try.”

– Shawn S.

“The service and care that Marianne gives you during your colonic is top notch. This is her business so she really cares and that is very apparent. You really feel relaxed and TMI just becomes this stress free haven away from it all.”

– Summer G.

“Marianne is wonderful. She greets me with warmth and understanding. Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran, getting a colonic is a new experience each time and she understands that. What I like about this place is it focuses only on colon hydrotherapy and it offers the only open system I can find
in the city.”

– Jen L.

“I am experienced with colonics but had never had a full session with the open system. I was so pleasantly surprised how easy, gentle, yet very effective it was. I always believed that colonics needed to be uncomfortable and intense to get the full benefits, but I was wrong! I felt like it was highly effective without any discomfort, really, at all.”

– Melanie F.

“[Colon Hydrotherapy] has been something that I have wanted to try for quite some time but was a bit apprehensive and Marianne was the perfect person to see for my first time.”

– Hillary T.

“Marianne was very gentle and took time to explain the process every step of the way. She was paitent and very supportive. My experience makes me want to return next week.”

– Ty R.

“Marianne is very sweet, open and experienced. She is a genuinely kind person, caring and attentive to the concerns or individual needs of the client. The open system she offers is the only one I’m familiar with, and from what I understand, it’s much easier than the closed system. Marianne is happy to answer your questions and explain colonics and their health benefits.”

– Catherine P.