The LIBBE System

Why we only use the LIBBE “open” system:

It is my opinion that the LIBBE system is the most advanced, comfortable and private colonic equipment available today.

There are plenty of other colonic providers in San Francisco with closed systems, but few who have the LIBBE.

In my 14 years of experience, the LIBBE system meets more needs of the majority and allows people to get more waste out in a shorter amount of time as compared to the closed system.

The LIBBE system allows the ability to push during a colonic which most find to be more comfortable, especially if you experience constipation.

The LIBBE is the only system that allows complete privacy.

After an open system colonic, you spend less time (or none) in the restroom as compared to the closed system.

On the LIBBE you can urinate even as the colonic is taking place.

The LIBBE is extremely user friendly and completely fool-proof.